About Marian Realty Inc

Proactive Property Management Solutions

Marian Realty, Inc. is a full service property management firm offering honest and dependable management to communities in the Chicago land area.

Marian Realty, Inc. was established in 1977 as full service professional property Management Company serving condominium associations in the Chicago area. Marian Realty’s principals are real estate professionals with more than 44 years of combined experience. Additionally, Marian Realty has developed an extensive network of trusted industry professionals over the 31 years in business.

Our mission as a property management company is to provide the highest quality service to our clients, while acting in the most professional and courteous manner. We strive to ensure that the values of the properties we manage are enhanced by the services we provide and that our clients benefit both financially as well as improve their lifestyle by being associated with our company.

Marian Realty has extensive experience in assisting volunteer Boards in the management of their homeowner’s associations. Our infrastructure and training is geared specifically in Condominium Association and Home Owner Association (HOA) management.

We offer our clients Full Service Property Management or Financial Property Management.

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Our business philosophy is to not only satisfy your current needs as they arise, but to work with you to establish written long term goals, policies and procedures to handle future needs.

One of our core goals is to work with you to capture and organize information into a manual that is based on the needs of your specific property and expectations of your current unit owners.

By thoroughly reviewing your property, surveying your Board members to clarify needs, and treating every interaction with owners as an opportunity to continue to improve on these policies and procedures that can be passed on to each new Board member, saving you time and money year after year.

This proactive approach, along with over 44 years of property management experience, has helped to contribute in a referral rate of 95 % and an average management relationship of over 20 years.

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