Residential Apartment Management

For Landlords and Investors

At Marian Realty Property Management, we provide landlords and property owners a comprehensive management package. As a landlord your profit is important, and so is your property value. We strive to place the most well qualified tenants and ensure your bottom line is protected. We handle all communications with tenants, and work to perform cost effective turnovers.  The key to maintaining a steady tenant base is to have a property your tenants can be proud of. Deferred maintenance plays a serious role in costly tenant turn-over. We will work with you to make improvements to the property that will help increase tenancy rates and reduce turnover.

Financial Management

Each month you will receive detailed financial reports outlining all of the financial activity at the property. In the reports are delinquency tracking and payment updates. Marian Realty will pursue outstanding receivables and assist the property owner in any legal proceedings.

Site and Maintenance Management

Your property value is directly tied to the appearance of the exterior and common areas, as well as the interior workings of the apartments. At Marian Realty, we strive to implement effective maintenance programs designed to maximize appearance and minimize cost impact. Marian Realty implements controls to ensure work is completed correctly and efficiently.